Instant Tax Solutions’ Co-Founder Helps Found Consumer Advocate Group

Instant Tax Solutions

Instant Tax Solutions

Consumer advocacy is more prevalent than ever, with groups forming in order to help consumers avoid scams. For that reason, Instant Tax Solutions’ Byron Pedersen has joined with several other leaders in the field to organize the Tax Problem Resolution Services Coalition (TPRSC). The mission of the organization is to help prevent consumers from falling prey to false advertising by tax relief businesses.

Instant Tax Solutions says scams focusing on tax settlements is a growing problem in the US

There is a virtual epidemic of scams, says Instant tax Solutions, that dupe taxpayers who are behind with the IRS into paying out even more money. It’s a huge problem, says Byron Pedersen, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions. A scam victim may be desperate and pay out big bucks to settle their debt. Unfortunately, as is the case with many “bad” companies, the money is gone and so is the taxpayer’s hope for resolving Uncle Sam’s issues. Citing information found on the Instant Tax Solutions website, scams can be avoided by thoroughly researching and proceeding with caution when choosing any financial service provider – not just tax professionals.


Byron Pedersen, Instant Tax Solutions’ co-founder, helped form the TPRSC, making sure the integrity he always put first in his own business was a number one priority in this new organization as well. With a model that puts the taxpayer first, Instant Tax Solutions employs more than 40 tax attorneys, former IRS agents, and accountants to help taxpayers navigate what can be a complicated filing process.

Have you been the victim of a tax debt scam, asks Instant Tax Solutions? If so, you need to know that not all tax debt settlement firms are fraudulent. According to Instant Tax Solutions, scam firms are out there, but if you take the time to research and verify the reputation of the tax attorneys assigned to your case, you can usually avoid getting hurt. According to Instant Tax Solutions, a scam isn’t always easy to spot. There are salesmen trained specifically to gain the trust of taxpayers who already owe the IRS sums of money they cannot repay. These false agents claim to have inside information about how to stop the IRS from collecting, says Instant Tax Solutions. The scam is that the information they have isn’t a secret at all. Anyone can go on the IRS’s website and easily find these companies’ “tricks.” It is, however, helpful to utilize the experience of a trusted tax professional.


The TPRSC will serve several purposes, the primary of which is safeguarding and educating consumers, Instant Tax Solutions’ Pedersen states. When false advertising is identified, the TPRSC can contact government regulators on both the state and federal level. According to Instant Tax Solutions, TPRSC plans to speak to media outlets about the tax relief industry, working to spread its message to the world at large. “As part of its charter, the Tax Problem Resolution Services is poised to offer up new proposals for state and federal legislation to handle unscrupulous practices in our industry,” Instant Tax Solutions’ Pedersen comments. These practices, he says, threaten the integrity of an industry that relies on consumer trust.

Instant Tax Solutions warns scams found by the IRS are using official looking documentation

The IRS is warning people that criminals are using their logo to dupe taxpayers, says Instant Tax Solutions. The scam goes something like this: A taxpayer gets an email from what they believe to be the IRS or other government agency. Instant Tax Solutions says the scam emails may have the actual IRS logo attached and may even have real contact information for the Internal Revenue Service posted somewhere in the email. In the body of the message is the contact information that points people to the scam or scammer. Instant Tax Solutions says that the fraudulent email will suggest calling a certain number, often a cell phone, to avoid a lengthy hold period. The IRS has verifiable landlines, and if you suspect you’ve been contacted by a scammer, you are encouraged to look these numbers up and report the attempted fraud.


The TPRSC’s members are comprised of experts from the tax relief industry, all interested in boosting the reputation of the industry. In addition to Pedersen, TPRSC founders include Tax Resolution Services’ Kathy Hill and the American Society of Tax Problem Resolvers’ Lawrence Lawler. Pedersen notes that the involvement of American Society of Tax Problem Resolvers, considered the top training and certification provider in the tax relief industry, makes him proud to be a part of TPRSC.

Phishing Scams: Instant Tax Solutions Says that it’s Time to Fight Back!

The Internet and emails are used every day to scam citizens, says Instant tax Solutions. Scams are just one of the problems facing users of the Internet and the IRS is not immune to people pretending to be government officials. According to Instant Tax Solutions, phishing scams – that is, scams that use the Internet or email to “fish” for personal information like credit card numbers – happen almost daily. Even the most advanced spam filter in the world can’t stop a trusting taxpayer from looking at an email if it spikes their curiosity, acknowledges the founders of Instant Tax Solutions. Email scams are the easiest to spot though, as the IRS does not ask for personal information via email. If you have received an email from the “IRS” asking for personal information, please contact them via the website


According to Pedersen, the professionals at Instant Tax Solutions have more than a hundred years of combined experience in various areas of tax preparation. With a nationwide client base, Instant Tax Solutions stands ready to assist taxpayers in sorting through tax issues and finding relief.

According to Instant Tax Solutions, scams, shams, and spam are a real problem facing taxpayers looking to settle IRS debt. One scam, says Instant Tax Solutions, involves duping tax payers in to believing they will inherit large sums of cash from recovered lottery funds, perhaps from a long-lost relative. As noted by Instant Tax Solutions, the scam is a multi-level scheme, starting with a simple email from the fake IRS agent asking for a telephone number to contact the targeted recipient of the false funds. From the initial contact, says Instant Tax Solutions, the scam is layered into a tangled web of believable information. Taxpayers are advised NEVER to offer up personal information to anyone via email.


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